About RDM Reviews


RDM Reviews was created to help business keep better track of their online presence. When it comes to Google Search, the number of reviews and the timeliness of company responses plays a significant role in where Google ranks the business during a search query.  In other words, RDM Reviews is here to help businesses improve their online presence, and get more customers from search engines like Google.


Monitoring and responding to online reviews can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. We launched RDM Reviews to focus on this particular issue and construct strategies that will work for everyone, particularly the small-to-medium-sized business that needs a cost-effective & easy to use way to monitor online reviews, reply to reviews, and create operational benchmarks based on the information available in our platform.


Our technology allows us to monitor multiple review sources in real-time, and alert businesses of any changes in their online reputation. Our software will alert you via email anytime something changes, and the alerts are customizable so you can be informed when you WANT to be. We also provide tools to help businesses reach out to their customers and ask for reviews and feedback, so you can stay engaged with your most important business asset - your customers! 


RDM Reviews was created by RDM Solutions in Lubbock, TX. Based on how important online reviews can be for consumers, it became clear to us that there needs to be a way to consolidate reviews into one place, easily reply to those reviews, and quantify the data consumers make available to a business when they leave a review. RDM Solutions' goal is to provide Result Driven Marketing Solutions to our clients, so we added the RDM Reviews product to our portfolio to help businesses create positive results with their online reputation.